1. Website Terms and Conditions of Use


Meetspeaker is an online learning system offered through the internet address www.meetspeaker.com, managed through the sole proprietorship with VAT number 02813160344 and registered office in Parma (PR) at Via Gaetano Callani

The site can be used to improve the knowledge of foreign languages ​​in an easy and effective way. For this purpose, it offers users the opportunity to initiate conversations with other users with whom they share interests and, at the same time, to promote and advertise courses, events, job offers, groups, teacher profiles and initiatives related to language learning. foreigners themselves.

By registering with Meetspeaker, the general terms and conditions set out below are approved as a “User”. Once registration is complete, a valid contract is concluded with the Owner. Each User is therefore required to carefully read the conditions and terms set out below, which constitute the legal framework governing the use of Meetspeaker.

Meetspeaker offers free content and features, but this does not mean that it is totally free of cost for Users. All paid Pro services offered by the Owner are duly and clearly indicated on the site. Each amount is charged only after explicitly informing the User.

The service offered by Meetspeaker through the website www.meetspeaker.com is aimed at individuals who have reached the age of majority, and legal entities. These subjects will be able to register on the site by creating an Account.

With regard to the scope of application of the conditions and terms of use indicated below, it is specified that these are intended to be applied to all those who register, at the same time subscribing to the free and / or Pro services offered by Meetspeaker.

1. Privacy.

The protection and processing of personal data will take place in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 196/2003 as amended by Legislative Decree 101/2018 following the entry into force of the EU Reg. 679/2016 (GDPR), containing the current legislation on the protection and processing of personal data.

The user must read the Privacy Policy as it describes the types of user data that are collected through Meetspeaker, the relative methods of storage, protection, treatment and also identifies the owner of the relative treatment.

The Owner is not able to control the ways in which the data and information provided and exchanged with other Users are used by the Users through the services made available by Meetspeaker.

For this reason, the Owner urges Users to pay due attention in sharing information with others on the platform.

2. Links to third party sites

The site may contain links to third party sites, some of which may provide services. In these cases, the general conditions for the use of the site and for the use of the service prepared by third parties will apply to the individual services, for which the Owner assumes no responsibility.

The Owner assumes no responsibility for materials created, uploaded or published by third parties with whom the site has a hypertext link. The Owner does not exercise any control over them and, therefore, is in no way responsible for the contents of these sites.

The user who decides to visit a website connected to Meetspeaker does so at his own risk, assuming the burden of taking all necessary measures against viruses or other destructive elements that can potentially harm him.

The site may contain links to third party sites, some of which may provide services. In these cases, the general conditions for the use of the site and for the use of the service prepared by third parties will apply to the individual services, for which the Owner assumes no responsibility.

3. Accessibility to the portal

For the provision of services Meetspeaker uses the technology currently and habitually used in the sector. To be able to take full advantage of the services offered by Meetspeaker, the User must similarly use these technologies (e.g. updated browser …) or allow their use on his computer (e.g. activate Java Script, authorize cookies and pop-up windows). If technologies that are not current or not in common use are used, the User may be able to use the services of Meetspeaker only to a limited extent.

4. Warranty Disclaimer

The service is made available to Users through the site www.meetspeaker.com “as it is available.” The Owner does not guarantee in any way that the service rendered will never have interruptions, errors, bugs or viruses, and that it may meet the needs of all Users.

The Owner will endeavor to ensure that the site is available continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but will in no way be held responsible if, for any reason, it is not accessible and / or operational at any time or for any period.

Access may in any case be suspended temporarily and without notice in the event of system failure, maintenance, repairs or for reasons completely unrelated to the will of the Owner or for events of force majeure.

The Owner will continue to make innovations and improvements to the site, also reserving the right to delete or modify parts of the same even without notice and in any case without this resulting in any liability towards users or third parties.

The Owner also disclaims any guarantee regarding:

  1. the reliability, timeliness, accuracy and performance of the platform,
  2. any material or data obtained through the use of the platform
  3. the information, services or goods obtained through the site or advertised on it as well as any information or advice received through links to other sites or resources obtained through our platform,
  4. the results that can be obtained from the use of the platform itself,
  5. the correction of any errors in the platform,
  6. relationships with, or determined by the presence of, marketing partners or other third parties on the Platform or identified through the platform.

5. Major force

The Data Controller cannot be held responsible for the failure or delayed fulfillment of its obligations, for circumstances that can be defined outside its sphere of control due to events of force majeure or, in any case, to unforeseen and unforeseeable events and, in any case, independent of the will ( among which may be included, by way of example but not limited to, failures or interruptions to the transmission tools, the electricity network, the Internet network, natural events, viruses and computer attacks, interruptions in the supply of products). Upon the occurrence of force majeure events and for their entire duration, the fulfillment of the obligations by the Owner will be considered suspended. The Owner will carry out any act in his power in order to identify solutions that allow the correct fulfillment of his obligations despite the persistence of force majeure events.

6. Limits to use

The material contained in the Site is protected by copyright except for the contents expressly identified as creative commons. The documentation, images, characters, artistic work, graphics, application software and all codes and format scripts used to implement the Site are the property of the Owner.
The contents of the Site cannot be copied, modified, transferred, uploaded, downloaded, published or distributed without the prior written consent of the Owner.

Without prejudice to the possibility of storing such contents on one’s computer or of printing extracts from the pages of the Site for personal use only.
The Meetspeaker name, trademarks and logos on the Site are the property of the Owner, these cannot be used without the prior consent of the Owner.

The user also undertakes to refrain from any activity capable of interfering or interrupting the proper functioning of the platform made available through www.meetspeaker.com or any hardware used in connection with the platform itself.

7. Limitation of Liability

  1. In the event of a breach of a contractual obligation of an essential nature, the Data Controller may be held liable only for foreseeable losses and damages and to be considered typical with respect to the contractual form, if the breach is due to slight negligence, except in the case in which the request of the ‘User refers to damage that could compromise life, physical integrity or health.
  2. The Owner cannot be held responsible for any losses that do not represent the immediate and direct consequence of the breach of the contract by the same.
  3. The Owner cannot be held responsible to the User for disservices or malfunctions connected to the use of the internet outside the control of himself or of his subcontractors, except in cases where there is no hypothesis of willful misconduct or gross negligence.
  4. The Owner cannot be held responsible to the User for any loss of commercial opportunities and for any other kind of loss, even indirect, that may be suffered by the User (such as, by way of example but not limited to: commercial losses, loss of revenues, loss of contracts or commercial relationships or loss of reputation, etc.);
  5. The Owner cannot be held responsible for damage resulting from the incorrect or unsuitable use of the site by Users or third parties;
  6. The Data Controller assumes no responsibility for the fraudulent and illegal use that may be made by third parties, of credit cards and other means of payment, upon payment of the services purchased, if he proves to have adopted all the possible precautions based on the best science and experience of the moment and based on ordinary diligence.
  7. The Owner cannot be held responsible for damages, losses and costs suffered by the User as a result of the failure to execute the contract for reasons not attributable to him.
  8. The User undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless the Owner (as well as any companies controlled or affiliated by the same as well as its representatives or collaborators), from any obligation or liability, including any legal costs incurred to defend themselves in court, which should arise in the face of damage caused to other Users or third parties, in relation to the Content uploaded or the violation of the terms of the law or the terms of these Conditions.
  9. The Owner will not be responsible for the issue of incorrect tax documents, if the error derives from incorrect data entry by the User himself. In fact, the User remains the only person responsible for the correct insertion of their data.
  10. The Owner cannot be held responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, which derive from or which are attributable, for any reason, to the platform made available by Meetspeaker, to the statements or to the conduct or to the transactions with any other member or third party, the use of the platform by the User or the transport to or from the places of the events _________, the participation in the events _________, the participation or exclusion from the groups ________, to any other matter relating to the platform. Our liability to the user or third parties is in any case limited to the amount of € 100.00 or, alternatively, to any fees paid by the user in the 12 months prior to the action that caused the liability.

8. Registration and conclusion of the contract

  1. In order to use the features and services offered by the site www.meetspeaker.com, Users must register by creating an account.
    During the registration phase, the User is obliged to fill out the registration form with complete and truthful information. If the User creates an account on behalf of a legal person (eg. Your company or your employer), by completing the form, you declare that you have the legal authority to bind this legal person to these Conditions.
  2. The User consents to the publication of his username, the information contained in the profile, including, but not limited to, language skills, his interests, the online status and the profile picture, in addition to any other information provided voluntarily, even after registration. The e-mail address will not be published.
  3. It is also possible to conclude the contract relating to the use of Meetspeaker, directly using your Gmail or Facebook profile. In this case, by clicking on the subscription button, you can create an account directly using the name and profile picture used for your Facebook or Gmail profile. The User who created his account in these simplified ways will be able to access the dedicated section at any time, thus increasing the information on his profile.
  4. By registering, the User declares to be considered of age in the country in which he resides and to be bound by these Conditions. If the User does not know if he has reached the age of majority in his country of residence or does not understand this Article, he will not have to proceed with the creation of an account.
  5. The User has the right to choose at the time of registration, or at a later time, to limit the visibility of the information indicated in point II above. In this case, other Users will only be able to view the image chosen by the User for their personal profile and their nickname.
  6. The User may not use nicknames or profile images with inappropriate content, which imply, for example, nudity, pornography, offensive, profane, discriminatory language or which contain expressions referring to illegal, criminal, violent activities or which in any case can be considered contrary. to morality. The Owner reserves the right to delete accounts that do not comply with these requirements.
  7. The User may not improperly use the image or name of a different person without prior and express authorization. The Owner reserves the right to suspend and delete accounts that do not comply with these requirements.
  8. The contract between the User and the Owner, relating to the use of Meetspeaker, is considered concluded when the User completes and confirms the sending, by clicking on, of the registration form. Furthermore, the User is requested to accept these conditions of use as well as to express informed consent regarding the methods of processing personal data (“Privacy Policy”).
  9. Following registration, the Owner sends the User, by e-mail, an automatic confirmation of registration.
  10. It is the User’s responsibility to verify the correctness and truthfulness of the data entered.
  11. It is the User’s responsibility to keep their login credentials. It is understood that in no case can the Owner be held responsible in the event of loss, diffusion, theft, theft and unauthorized use by third parties, for any reason, of the Users’ access credentials.
  12. In the event of the death of a User, the Owner will endeavor to close the account at the request of the heirs but in no way will he be able to allow these or his executors to log in with his account.

9. User Regulation and Definition.

  1. By creating an account, the subject, necessarily of age, acquires the status of User.
  2. The creation of an account and registration with Meetspeaker is entirely and totally free as is the use of the services offered by the Owner through the platform itself, with the exception of the Pro function.
  3. By registering, the subject concludes a contract with the Owner for the use of the features and services made available through Meetspeaker to Users of unlimited duration.
  4. The User can join as a member of an unlimited number of groups created by Users. In any case, any restrictions on access to the group that will be imposed by the administrator of the group itself are reserved.
  5. The User may also make use, without any limitation, of all the messaging services made available by the Owner through Meetspeaker.
  6. Users, in using the services and features offered by the Owner through Meetspeaker, must in any case fully comply with the terms and conditions of use specified here, which will be considered fully known and accepted, as well as fully effective. , from the moment the account was created.
  7. The User may at any time decide to subscribe to the Pro features.
  8. In any case, it is without prejudice to the right of the Owner, as well as the User, to terminate or terminate the contract at any time and without notice, by canceling their account in the manner expressly provided for in paragraph 20 below.
  9. Once the account has been canceled, the termination or termination of the contract itself, the User will not be able to request the delivery or return of content published by the same or shared through the Meetspeaker platform.

10. Pro functionality definition and regulation.

a-The owner through the site www.meetspeaker.com, makes available to users, additional functions Pro features, which allow these Users to create and manage profiles of teachers through which they can promote language activities while also assuming full responsibility for them.

b-The contract for the Pro features becomes binding when the user presses the button that uniquely indicates the confirmation of the payment obligation, confirming the data entered via the link received via email.

c-After signing the contract for the Pro features, each User will be able to create the teacher profile.

d-The User can change his subscription to the Pro features at any time, opting for a different subscription from those offered by Meetspeaker. The choice must be made within 15 days prior to the expiry of the contractually envisaged term for automatic renewal. Should the choice be made after this deadline, the same will produce its effects starting from the next renewal.

e-At the expiry of the term of duration of the Pro subscription, if the User has not expressed his desire to cancel the subscription chosen for access to the Pro features in the manner provided, the contract will automatically renew for a period equal to the one chosen. by the user himself at the time of subscription.

f-Upon automatic renewal, the amount corresponding to the price of the subscription service selected by the User at the time of subscription will be charged in full. The price thus charged following the automatic renewal of the subscription service cannot be refunded by the Owner in the event of subsequent termination or cancellation of the same account.

g-Without prejudice to the right of withdrawal regulated in paragraph 21 of these conditions. The User may withdraw from the Pro functionality service at any time by communicating via e-mail to the Service Owner (meetspeaker@gmail.com), his will to withdraw from the same without providing any reasons.

In any case, the User will not be entitled to obtain a refund of the price already paid upon subscription or any automatic renewal of the service, regardless of the actual use of the same.

11. Instant messaging service (chat)

a-Meetspeaker provides its Users with instant messaging services.

b-Meetspeaker provides an area in which each User, after selecting the language and topics of interest, can participate in group conversations and dialogues in real time. The User who decides to take part in one of the conversations on the common dialogue area is obliged to use only the language provided therein.

c-Meetspeaker also offers each User the opportunity to initiate individual conversations with other Users. To this end, each User, using the appropriate button, can send an invitation to the User with whom he wishes to exchange messages.

d-Each User in using the instant messaging services offered through Meetspeaker is in any case required to conform their behavior to the requirements laid down by the Regulations referred to in the previous point and these Terms of Use.

e-The User may at any time decide to block, and possibly unblock, another User, using the specific functionality made available by Meetspeaker, as well as to send the Owner a motivated report on another User.

f-The Owner does not carry out a contextual verification of the contents transmitted and exchanged by users within the chats.

g-The contents of the chats are not subject to registration and archiving procedures by the Owner, who will not be able to carry out specific checks on the contents exchanged following any reports.

12. User Content

  1. The User can upload various contents to Meetspeaker, which may include: material, documents, information, announcements or advertisements. The uploading of such contents does not encounter any limitation by the Owner of Meetspeaker as long as they are not unlawful (or intimidating, offensive, defamatory, abusive, or any title illegal, or violate privacy, intellectual property rights and / or industrial of the Owner and / or third parties) or are not in any other way harmful to the Owner and / or third parties or deplorable and do not contain viruses, political propaganda, mass e-mails or any other form of spamming.
  2. The User is totally and exclusively responsible for the use of the services made available by the Owner through Meetspeaker (to be understood with regard to the functions of publication, consultation, content management and contact between Users) and is therefore the ‘the sole guarantor and person responsible for the goods and services offered as well as for the correctness, completeness and lawfulness of the Contents and their behavior in the context of contact between Users.
  3. It is absolutely forbidden for the User to publish or send messages that have discriminatory or defamatory content or that incite hatred towards persons with different religious or political beliefs, different sexual inclinations or who belong to different cultures or ethnic groups.
  4. In the event of publication of advertisements, the User guarantees the availability and / or ownership of the good / service covered by the advertisements. The User also guarantees that their advertisements do not violate any copyright or industrial property right or other third party rights. In the event of a dispute by third parties regarding any announcement or conduct related to it, the User assumes full responsibility and undertakes to hold the Owner harmless and harmless from any damage, loss or expense.
  5. The User, while maintaining the ownership of the published content, gives the Owner the license for the use of the same content.
  6. The User who shares his Contents with other users through the services made available by the Owner through Meetspeaker, expressly accepts that any person with whom he has shared such Contents can use, save, record, reproduce, transmit them, share, view and communicate for free and worldwide. In order not to grant this option to others, the User must refrain from sharing such content.
  7. The Owner may at its discretion remove or delete content published by the User.
  8. VIII.The Owner, although not able to ensure timely control over the Contents received, reserves the right to cancel, move, modify those that, at its discretion, appear to be illegal, abusive, defamatory, obscene or harmful to the right of author and trademarks or in any case unacceptable. The use of violent language will be grounds for immediate suspension and expulsion from the Application.
  9. It is forbidden to use an e-mail address that is not owned by the User, to use the personal data and credentials of another User in order to steal his identity, or in any other way to declare the origin of the Contents false.
  10. The Data Controller may therefore, directly or through trusted third parties, use, modify, copy, transmit, extract, publish, distribute, publicly perform, disseminate, create derivative works, host, index, store, annotate, encode, modify and adapt ( including without limitation the right to adapt for transmission by any means of communication) in any form or with any tool currently known or to be invented in the future, any Content (including images, messages, even audio and video), which should be sent by the User, also through third parties.
  11. Users will be able to offer paid activities and services under conditions that clearly indicate the related costs. If they have a connection with schools, companies or specialized professionals, this circumstance must be duly and clearly indicated to the user. The Owner does not check the truthfulness and correctness of the offers made by the User.
  12. It is expressly forbidden, unless explicitly authorized by the Owner: – the use of automatic systems for loading advertisements, except those expressly authorized; – the serial publication and / or the management of advertisements on behalf of third parties by any means or methods; – resell to third parties the services of the Data Controller.
  13. The Content sent will not be returned and will remain the property of the Owner who therefore remains exempt from any liability towards Users for the loss, modification or destruction of the transmitted Content.

13. Code of Conduct

  1. The User must always maintain a good level of attention, forethought and judgment in order to avoid the normal dangers that may be inherent in the use of services such as those made available by the owner through Meetspeaker. This must take place in a particular, but not exclusive way, in all those situations that result in meetings and interactions in real life, on which it is impossible for the Owner to exercise any type of verification or control and in relation to which the same declines since immediately any responsibility.
  2. Users are expressly prohibited from using the services made available to the Owner through Meetspeaker, to carry out activities reserved by law for legally certified professionals. The Owner, not being able to carry out any verification of the authenticity of the title spent by the User, invites the utmost caution and disclaims any liability that may arise from having accepted the activity of Users who have exercised the profession illegally.
  3. The User must use appropriate language, free from references to offensive, vulgar and sexual expressions.
  4. The use of content, material or actions that violate these Conditions is not permitted.

By accepting these Conditions, the User is obliged to abide by the following rules:

  1. Do not carry out illegal actions.
  2. Do not engage in activities that harm or threaten to harm women or minors or that exploit them or in any way encourage prostitution.
  3. Do not send unwanted spam – bulk emails, posts, contact requests, SMS, or instant messages.
  4. Do not publicly use or display or share inappropriate content or other material, such as nudity, harassment, pornography, abusive language, graphic violence or criminal activity.
  5. Do not engage in fraudulent, false or misleading activities, such as extorting money in disguise, impersonating another user, manipulating the Services to increase ratings or positive comments.
  6. Do not intentionally circumvent any limitations relating to access to the Services or their availability.
  7. The User must not engage in activities that are harmful to himself, the Services or to other users, for example the transmission of viruses, stalking, publication of content relating to terrorist activities, expressions of hatred or soliciting violence against other users.
  8. Do not violate the rights of other users, for example by unauthorized sharing of music or other copyrighted material, reselling or other distribution of photographs or maps.
  9. Do not engage in activities that violate the right to protection of the personal data of other users.
  10. Don’t help other users break these rules.
  11. The Owner reserves the right to refuse the User Content if it exceeds the limits or if it is deemed inappropriate or non-compliant and respectful of the purposes of the service offered.
  12. Furthermore, if the User violates any obligations referred to in the previous art. or otherwise substantially violates these Conditions, the Owner will take actions against him, including, by way of example, the interruption of the Services or the immediate closure of an account for just cause or the blocking of the delivery of a communication (for example, an email, file sharing, or instant message) sent or received through the Services. The Owner also reserves the right to remove or block User Content from the Services at any time, if it believes that such Content may violate applicable law or these Conditions. During investigations relating to alleged violations of these Conditions, the Owner reserves the right to analyze the User Content in order to resolve the problem. However, the Owner will not be able to monitor all the Services nor will it attempt to do so.

14. Real Dating and Activities.

  1. The purpose of the service owner is to allow users to organize, promote meetings and real activities that have the main purpose, even if not exclusive, to improve the language skills of the participants.
  2. Users with Pro functionality are required to organize their language activities very seriously. The same are the only subjects responsible for damages, of any kind, which could be complained by the subjects participating in such events or third parties.
  3. The Owner of Meetspeaker does not exercise any control over what happens outside the platform, therefore the same, as of now, declines all responsibility for damages, of any kind, that could result to Users from having participated in organized activities or meetings. in real life through its own platform.

15. Prices, tariffs and duration of the service.

  1. Signing up for Meetspeaker as a User by creating an account is totally free.
  2. The ability to create and manage teacher profiles on Meetspeaker is instead subject to the subsequent subscription to a subscription service, through which the User acquires additional features (so-called Pro Features).
  3. There are 6 or 12 month subscriptions, which give the subscriber the possibility to create teacher profiles.
  4. The price for the subscription of the User subscription with Pro functionality for the duration of 6 months is equal to Euro 12. (plus VAT)
  5. The price for the subscription of the User subscription with Pro functionality for the duration of 12 months is equal to 12 euros (plus VAT)

Upon expiry of the agreed term, the service will automatically renew for a period of 6 or 12 months corresponding to the one selected by the User when signing up for the subscription with simultaneous debit of the relative amount.

16. Payment methods PRO

The fees for the use of the services made available by Meetspeaker for Users with Pro functionality must be paid in advance.

The User can make the payment using one of the methods specified on the site itself.

By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the user declares that he agrees that the Owner assigns an external payment service provider to process the payment data entered by the user as part of the payment process.

After choosing the payment system, the user enters his requested data in the appropriate fields.

The Owner reserves the right to limit, even at a later time, the payment systems offered.

The User has the duty to honor the payments related to the Pro service subscribed by him. This also entails the obligation to keep updated the information necessary for payment and renewal. Please note that failure to pay the fee will make it impossible to operate the automatic renewal mechanism, with the loss of the quality of User with Pro functionality.

The Owner of Meetspeaker will in no way be held responsible for any payment that the User will make outside the payment system offered by the same, whether it is made in cash or through any other system, nor can he be called to mediate if with respect to such payments, disputes or disputes should arise. The payment systems made available by Meetspeaker cannot in any case be used by users to make payments for services and / or activities considered illegal or prohibited under these conditions (such as, by way of example and not limited to, gambling, drugs, prostitution, solicitation for sexual purposes, betting).

17. Reporting and blocks

The Owner gives each user the possibility to report Users or Groups, Profiles that do not comply with the requirements contained in these Terms of use.

It is the duty of each User to report any abnormal behavior found in the use of the service by other Users as well as any behavior that may be considered symptomatic of the conduct of criminal activities.

The User may at any time decide to block another User, using the specific functionality made available by Meetspeaker.

The Data Controller also attributes to each user the right to send motivated reports in relation to the conduct of other Users.

The Owner reserves the right to verify the validity of the reports and to find them within a reasonable time.

In any case, the Owner urges each User to use the features offered by the site with the utmost prudence and foresight, in such a way as to protect themselves from any danger and damage that could be caused to their person by other Users. This entails the duty to contact the competent authorities directly and with the utmost diligence in order to receive adequate protection and assistance.

18. Account closure

  1. Users can interrupt the use of the services and products offered by the Owner through Meetspeaker at any time, by deactivating their account or requesting its cancellation directly from their reserved area, or, alternatively, by sending a written request to the address email: meetspeaker@gmail.com.
  2. The Owner, if the user violates these Conditions or the applicable legal provisions, reserves the right to suspend or close the user’s account at any time and without notice.
  3. The Owner reserves the right to cancel the account if he becomes aware of the fact that the owner has received, even before the opening of the account, criminal convictions for sexual offenses or violent crimes.

The closure as well as the cancellation of the account do not give the User the right to obtain from the Owner a refund of the amount, possibly paid for the Pro service subscribed, even if the same is not yet exhausted at the date of the effective removal of the account from part of the Owner.

19. Consumer right of withdrawal.

The email sent for this purpose must necessarily have the subject indicated below: Exercise of the right of withdrawal – User name and surname.

The Consumer is any natural person who concludes a legal transaction by acting with purposes that are not primarily related to his commercial or professional activity.

The right of withdrawal regulated in this paragraph is recognized only for Users who subscribe to a subscription to access the so-called features Pro and who at the same time play the role of consumers.

The newly identified Users are recognized and guaranteed the right to withdraw from the contract, without indicating the reasons, within 14 days from the conclusion of the contract.

The right of withdrawal must be exercised no later than the aforementioned term by means of an explicit declaration that must be sent by email to the following address: meetspeaker@gmail.com. The email sent for this purpose must necessarily have the subject indicated below: Exercise of the right of withdrawal – User name and surname.

The right of withdrawal gives the User the right to obtain from the Owner the re-credit of the amount originally charged as a consideration for the subscription signed within 6 months of receiving the communication containing the manifestation of the will to withdraw from the contract.

20. Waiver

No waiver by either party of an article of these Conditions will be effective unless it has been expressly communicated and declared in writing to the Owner and accepted by the same.

21. Absence of representation.

It should be noted that this agreement does not give rise to any relationship of representation or collaboration between the Owner and the Users. Therefore, no User may conclude with third parties any shops or agreements that are also binding for the Owner, much less spend his name.

22. Invalidity of individual clauses

If any provision of these Conditions is found to be illegal, illegitimate or invalid, it will not be considered as part of the Conditions and this will not affect the remaining provisions which will continue to be valid to the fullest extent permitted by law.

23. Applicable law, arbitration clause and competent court

These Conditions and all disputes regarding execution, interpretation and validity are subject to Italian law and to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of the place where the Data Controller is based.

The parties will submit disputes arising from this contract to the conciliation attempt provided for by the Conciliation Service of the Arbitration Chamber of Parma. In the event that the attempt fails, disputes arising from this contract or in relation to it, will be resolved by arbitration according to the Rules of the Arbitration Chamber established at the Chamber of Commerce of Parma, by a single arbitrator appointed in accordance with these Rules.

If the User is a consumer pursuant to Article 3 of the Consumer Code, the mandatory territorial jurisdiction is of the judge of the place of residence or domicile of the consumer himself, if located in the territory of the Italian State, without prejudice to the right for the User – consumer to refer to a judge other than that of the “consumer court” pursuant to art. 66bis of the Consumer Code, competent for the territory according to one of the criteria referred to in Articles 18, 19 and 20 of the civil procedure code.

24. Online dispute resolution for consumers

Consumers residing in Europe must be aware of the fact that the European Commission has set up an online platform that provides an alternative dispute resolution tool. This tool can be used by the Consumer to resolve in a non-judicial way any dispute relating to and / or deriving from contracts for the sale of goods and services stipulated online. Consequently, the Consumer can use this platform for the resolution of any dispute arising from the contract stipulated with the Owner of Meetspeaker. The platform is available at the following address: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

25. Translation

The Owner declares that these Conditions have been drafted entirely in Italian and subsequently translated into other languages. In the event that Users find any inconsistencies, they must therefore exclusively and fully refer to the Italian version.

26. Final provisions

The Owner reserves the right to modify the conditions and terms of use at any time and without indicating the reason for the changes.

The aforementioned changes will in any case be made known to users already registered through the site.

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